Brothers day - The long edit

"Where are you with the editing for Brothers day?" -some people keep asking me. Not surprisingly, since it's been about a year since we released the trailer for (if you haven’t seen it, you can do here). So I thought I'd give a quick update on what’s happening.

So why so slow!?
The reason things take so long, as some of you know already, is still the same as explained then. Everyone working in this film is taking time out of their daily busy lives and not getting paid for it, and there's a limit to the speed we can pick up with this system. That means we still need some more patience from all of you lovely people who are waiting to see it.

So where are we specifically?
Although we've had a number of other assistant editors helping along the way, so far the bulk of the cutting has been done by editor Terence Johnson and yours truly. That is, 1) an assembly edit we have already left way behind, and -what we're currently working on and hope to have finished by the end of this month- 2) the rough cut. A big and important step for the film, but one that, sadly, we'll not be able to share with the world.

The rough what?
For those who don't know what all these terms mean, (while the assembly is more of a working guide of what happens and when), the rough cut is cut of the film that already contains all the scenes that will be in the film, plus a choice of shots, plus temporary sound and music tracks. It still requires a lot of trimming and polishing, and it’s usually longer than the finished film will be, but it is at this point a lot closer and, if the job is done right, it should “feel” like it. Digital effects and fixes need to be added still, and audio treated so that it sounds great, and of course actual sound design and music done too. We do have some music tracks actually, like the one of Remi’s we used for the trailer, but still need a lot more done. I can’t wait to fully get into all this but hey, step by step.

So there you go, things are happening at a slow, yet steady pace, and we are hoping for a 2014 release. Thanks so much everyone who is waiting for this, you're all so incredibly nice people :)

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