Brothers day: the trailer step

Low-budget indie film making can take forever. Even longer sometimes, for it is done on and off, with cast and crew doing their best to take time from paid projects and general life. So it's great to finally be able to share the trailer of one such films today: BROTHERS DAY, a feature shot over the course of last year  in Manchester, directed by yours truly:


BIG THANKS must go to the army of people who collaborated in it: CSV and a collective of dedicated volunteers without whom no filming would have been possible. I hope to bring the finished movie to you all as soon as possible.

In the mean time, hope you enjoy the trailer!

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The ultimate weapon

It's Friday, nearly the weekend, you don't feel like working... If you have been neglecting your reading, now it's a good time to catch up with Calachurras!

The story reaches the point of no return in this exciting Episode 15. May the maker watch over us all.